Learning to write with EasyEssay

 1 Getting started

Welcome to the EasyEssay Bootcamp.

This course was created to help you learn how to use EasyEssay through simple, easy-to-follow steps.

If you take the time to complete the Bootcamp, you'll find yourself feeling confident and capable of writing great essays quickly with EasyEssay.

All users would benefit greatly from completing the Bootcamp.

As EasyEssay continues to evolve and grow, the Bootcamp course will change with it to ensure that the contents are always up-to-date.

2 The Basics

2.1 Language Settings

Is it possible for me to write Chinese essays using EasyEssay?

Of course!

With EasyEssay, you can write essays in 15 languages, including English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese.

Language Auto-detection

EasyEssay can tell what language you're writing in. If you enter Chinese and click Paragraph, you will get Chinese outputs.

Can I use EasyEssay to generate English outputs from Chinese inputs?

Definitely. On your profile, there is a Language Settings that you can change. The input language is defined as the language of the original text that you write. By default, the input language is auto-detected.

The output language is set as the language of the generated text in the pop-up window. The output language is the same as the input language unless specified otherwise.

Change Language Settings

With EasyEssay, you have the ability to set the input and output language to different languages. By changing the input language to English and the output language to Chinese, you can generate a Chinese paragraph from an English sentence.

2.2 Free Trail

Is there a free trial for EasyEssay?

Definitely! You are given three free trials every day to test Paragraph and Rephrase results.

There is no need to log in. To generate essays, just open www.easyessay.ai in your browser and click the Paragraph button.

What are the steps to upgrade my account?

Click the "Go Premium" button in the top right corner and you will be able to view pricing and follow the promptings to upgrade.

By upgrading, you will have access to all features and you will be able to generate 150,000 words per month!

3 How EasyEssay Thinks

3.1 Training Data

By reading a huge number of essays, the AI model powering EasyEssay was able to gain an understanding of how people write essays. EasyEssay's technology is unrivaled and allows users to produce outstanding essays.

Just as with all outputs EasyEssay produces, there is a possibility that it will make up some facts, but if you give it accurate information to start with, the results are more likely to be true.

The text you input is what EasyEssay will use to generate results. Clicking Paragraph after updating your original text each time will produce different results.

3.2 Word Prediction

EasyEssay produces results by forecasting which word should come next in a given sequence. This process is done by analyzing the context of the sentence and the general flow of the text. This prediction is based on a number of factors, including the relative popularity of the words that have been used so far, the grammar rules that have been followed, and the style of the text.

EasyEssay's output is significantly influenced by the input. If you're not satisfied with the results you're getting, try changing your input for better results, or you can just click the Rephrase/Paragraph button again.

3.3 Writing factual content

While EasyEssay has read many of the essays, it is trained to write in a way that emphasizes creativity over factuality. Because of that, EasyEssay will sometimes write things that aren't accurate.

EasyEssay is a writing assistant that can help you with your writing, but it cannot check facts for you. It is still necessary for you to verify the truthfulness of the content produced by EasyEssay.

3.4 Reference

EasyEssay does not use any human input in its output generation. Consequently, the work produced by EasyEssay is without reference.

4 How to Use Easy Essays

4.1 Rephrase

To rephrase one sentence, click on the sentence first, then click the "Rephrase" button. For each sentence, you will see three rephrased outputs.

To rephrase multiple sentences, select all the sentences, then click the "Rephrase" button. The output will be displayed one rephrased sentence at a time.

Choose an output by clicking on it. Your old sentence will be replaced with a new, rephrased one!

Follow these steps to finish rewriting your essay. Once you are complete, run the plagiarism checker to ensure that your essay is plagiarism-free.

4.2 Paragraph

A topic sentence is a sentence that indicates the main idea of a paragraph. To begin, simply type a topic sentence in EasyEssay.

Click the "Paragraph" button on the top bar. You will find two generated paragraphs in the pop-up window.

Choose a paragraph by clicking on it. You will find the paragraph in your document now.

Follow these steps to finish writing your essay. Once you are complete, run the plagiarism checker to ensure that your essay is plagiarism-free.

4.3 Plagiarism Check

The Plagiarism Checker makes it easy to check if any of the text in a document has been used elsewhere online.

  1. Inside your Document, click the Plagiarism check button on the top toolbar.
  2. The plagiarism check will be done on all the text in a document.
  3. Pay for the service.
  4. Wait a minute.
  5. Click Plagiarism check reports to download the report.

5 Account Management

5.1 Credits

You can monitor your credits and usage inside your profile. There are plan credits and bonus credits in EasyEssay.

Plan credits are the credits that come with your monthly subscription. You will be given 150,000 credits upon upgrading to a premium membership. If you generate 110,000 words, the plan will refresh to 150,000 at the start of the next billing cycle.

Bonus credits are credits that have been given by EasyEssay. Extra credits will always be carried over from month to month until you use them up. They never expire. Bonus credits can be earned by referring a friend.

5.2 Pricing

Click the "Go Premium" button to check the pricing for EasyEssay.

5.3 Cancel Account

Click on the "Cancel Account" button and please follow all the prompts. Make sure you follow all the steps to finalize your cancellation.

Cancellations will be automatically set at the end of your billing cycle. This guarantees that you can still use EasyEssay for the month you have already paid for. All remaining credits will be deleted once your account is cancelled.

5.4 Additional Help

For additional assistance or feedback, please click the question mark in the bottom right corner or contact us at contact@easyessay.ai.

6 Bootcamp Completion

Well done, you have completed the Bootcamp!

By now, you've worked through each of the sections. I hope that you will feel more confident using EasyEssay to write essays more quickly and effectively!

The best way to proceed from here is to experiment with EasyEssay until you get the output you're happy with. When you lead EasyEssay well, you will be able to achieve amazing outcomes in no time!

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