Humanizing AI Essay Writing: Crafting Essays with a Personal Touch

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In the realm of modern education and professional writing, AI essay writing has emerged as a game-changing tool. The proliferation of artificial intelligence has opened up new possibilities for generating content quickly and efficiently. However, one of the key challenges with AI essay writing is making the output feel more human-like, injecting the personal touch and creativity that makes an essay truly exceptional.

In this blog post, let's discuss a hot hot hot topic, how to make AI-written stuff more human-like?

1. Choose an AI Writing Tool using LLM

To make AI essay writing more human-like, start by selecting an AI writing tool that boasts advanced Large Language Model capabilities. Tools like ChatGPT, EasyEssay, and Wordtune are designed to understand and generate text that closely mimics human language, making it a great choice for creating human-like essays.

2. Inject Your Personal Voice

While using AI, remember that it's a tool to assist, not replace, your creativity. To make your essay more human-like, actively inject your personal voice and perspective into the content. AI can help you structure sentences and paragraphs, but your unique perspective will add depth and authenticity to your work. With EasyEssay, you have the option to select your desired tone for rephrasing and essay generation. By effectively utilizing this feature, you can greatly benefit from it and witness significant improvement in your writing.

4. Review and Revise Thoroughly

Remember! It's only a draft. AI-generated content should always be treated as a draft. After the AI has generated the essay, take the time to review and revise it thoroughly. This is where you can add personal anecdotes, refine arguments, and make the content truly yours. The human touch comes through in the editing process.

EasyEssay's paragraph feature offers a fantastic aid by effortlessly organizing your thoughts into distinct paragraphs, while their rephrase function adds depth and structure to your sentences, making it an invaluable tool.

5. Incorporate Personal Examples and Stories

An effective way to humanize your AI-generated essay is to incorporate personal examples and stories. In case you're struggling to think of an example right away, you can always utilize EasyEssay's chat feature to seek assistance from AI. It can provide you with a sample, which you can either mimic or draw inspiration from effortlessly.

Remember, always share relevant experiences or anecdotes that connect with your topic. This not only adds a human element but also engages your readers on a personal level.

6. Engage with Your Audience

Humanizing your essay also involves engaging with your audience. Write essays with your audience in mind. Consider the potential queries your readers might have while perusing your papers, and responding accordingly is a consistently effective approach. Creating a dialogue with your audience makes your essay feel more human and relatable.

7. Balance Clarity and Creativity

Striking the right balance between clarity and creativity is essential when humanizing AI essay writing. While AI can help you with grammar and structure, it's your creativity that will make your essay stand out. Don't be afraid to experiment with different writing styles and metaphors to make your content more engaging. If you ever find yourself uncertain, simply turn to EasyEssay Chat for immediate answers and a dose of inspiration.

8. Proofread and Polish

Finally, give your essay the final human touch by meticulously proofreading and polishing it. Correct any errors or awkward phrasing, and ensure that the essay flows naturally. This attention to detail will make your essay more reader-friendly and human-like.


In conclusion, AI essay writing can be a powerful ally in your writing journey, but it's your personal touch and creativity that will make your essays truly outstanding. By selecting the right AI tool —EasyEssay is one of the best — actively injecting your voice and perspective into the content, you can humanize AI essay writing and craft essays that resonate with readers on a deeply human level. So, embrace AI as your writing assistant, but always remember that it's your unique voice that will make your essays shine.

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